Dr. Emmanuel Olu. Olatoye - Senior Pastor @ Calvary Hephzibah FG Church www.calvaryhephzibah.co.uk

Dr. Emmanuel Olu. Olatoye, B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., PGCE.

Dr. Emmanuel Olatoye was a lecturer in chemistry at the Ahmadu Bello University, Samaru, Zaria, Nigeria, between 1976 and 1984.  Following this, he came to Manchester, UK, in 1984 to begin his PhD programme.  He successfully completed his PhD degree in Chemistry in 1987.  However, midway into his research programme, The Lord spoke to him…

Dr Christiananh Shade Olatoye - Senior Pastor @ Calvary Hephzibah FG Church www.calvaryhephzibah.co.uk

Dr. Christianah Shade Olatoye, B.Ed, M.Ed, PhD

Dr Shade Olatoye was a lecturer in Drama at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (1978-85).  She came to Manchester in 1985 and started her PhD in theatre-in-Education in 1986, which she successfully completed in 1990. After completing her PhD studies, she worked for a short time with the North West Arts Council and then as…

Mr Gbenga Adebanjo www.calvaryhephzibah.co.uk

Mr Gbenga Adebanjo

Gbenga was born in the humble town of Ibadan, Nigeria. He is a mathematics teacher by profession. He joined Calvary in December 2001 and serves alongside his wife as a minister to coordinate the Sunday service.  In addition, he plays percussion instruments including congas, bongos and djembes. He is enthusiastic about people experiencing the joy…

Mrs Funke Adebanjo www.calvaryhephzibah.co.uk

Mrs Funke Adebanjo

Funke was privileged to grow up attending a Sunday school where she had the wonderful opportunity of giving her life to Christ as a 10 year old. She joined Calvary in December 2001 and currently serves as a Sunday school teacher. She is married to Gbenga and  has two wonderful boys, Bolaji and Tosin.

Dr Kayode Ogungbenro www.calvaryhephzibah.co.uk

Dr. Kayode Ogungbenro

Kayode  was born in Nigeria as the third child of a family of six children.  He was raised in a devoted Baptist Christian family where there was often a lively discussion of God and faith. From a very young age he was actively involved in various church activities.  Kayode came to Manchester to study for…

Mrs Olakemi Ogungbenro www.ogungbenro.co.uk

Mrs Olakemi Ogungbenro

Kemi joined Calvary in 2003.  Since coming to Calvary, she has served in various departments of the church and is currently one of the leaders of the women’s ministry and a member of the worship team. In addition to her ministry in Calvary, she is currently studying at Liverpool John Moore University as a Social…

Dr. Ayo Olatoye

Dr. Ayo Olatoye

You might have noticed that Ayo and the Senior Pastors share the same surname  thus, he has been at Calvary since it began. Regardless of his relationship with the Senior Pastors, Ayo would not  want to  be a member of any other church. He currently oversees the PA team and the church band. He and…

Mrs Paulina Olatoye www.calvaryhephzibah.co.uk

Mrs Paulina Olatoye

Born in Angola, Paulina came to the UK in 1996.  Paulina was raised in a Christian household.  She joined Calvary in January 2006 and has since been an active member of the church.  She has served in several departments of the church, including the ushering and finance teams. She is now currently part of the…

Mr Kwasi Gyekye www.calvaryhephzibah.co.uk

Mr Kwasi Gyekye

Kwasi is originally from Ghana-his name means that he was born on a Sunday.  He has been a member of Calvary since 2001.  He started serving in Calvary by helping to set up the church hall for the Sunday services.  He later joined the ushering team, which he now currently heads.  Kwasi also assists Calvary…