Dr. Christianah Shade Olatoye, B.Ed, M.Ed, PhD

Categories: pastors

Dr Christiananh Shade Olatoye - Senior Pastor -  www.calvaryhephzibah.co.ukDr Shade Olatoye was a lecturer in Drama at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (1978-85).  She came to Manchester in 1985 and started her PhD in theatre-in-Education in 1986, which she successfully completed in 1990.

After completing her PhD studies, she worked for a short time with the North West Arts Council and then as an independent consultant to the arts in the northwest of England.  She then committed herself to full-time ministry at Calvary.  Since then she and Dr Emmanuel Olatoye have been involved in missionary work among students and residents of Greater Manchester and the Northwest of England.  Together with Dr Emmanuel Olatoye, they have seen God at work in the lives of various individuals from all over the world.

Dr Shade Olatoye is very convinced anything done for God should be done with a spirit of excellence, and she communicates this with everyone she deals with.  She also has a prophetic anointing.  On many occasions she has received sharp and accurate words from The Lord- all to the glory of The Lord Jesus.