Proverbs 29:18; Habakkuk 2:2a

Our Vision

  • To exalt the Lord by dynamic, Holy Spirit-inspired worship, praise, and prayer.  To give our time, talents, and gifts as an offering to the Lord.
  • To equip the church to fulfil her destiny through godly vision, biblical teaching, and pastoral ministries.  To bring believers to maturity and effective ministry in Christ, resulting in a restored, triumphant church.
  • To extend the Kingdom of God from the church to our cities, our nations, and the world through aggressive evangelism.  To train leaders, send out missionaries and mission teams, and plant churches.

Our Values

  • God’s Word: We believe the Bible is God’s inspired Word, the authoritative and trustworthy guideline for the faith and behaviour of all Christians.
  • God’s manifested presence: To enjoy God’s presence is our pas­sion as a church.  We believe that as we follow the pattern of worship in the Psalms, God’s presence is manifested amongst His people.  Psalm 22:3
  • Holy Spirit activity: In both our personal and corporate life as believers, we welcome the moving of the Holy Spirit.  The baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are part of our basic belief.
  • Dynamic spontaneous praise and worship: We believe that the believer’s response to God’s presence is demonstrated in joyful worship, with clapping, lifting hands, and singing spontaneous songs unto the Lord.
  • The principle of unity: We do not agree with conformity however, we believe that God’s people should have unity of spirit and principle.  This unity may include a variety of approaches, yet the same principle and convictions flow together to accomplish one vision.
  • The holiness of God: We believe that holiness is not a matter of legalism, mea­sured by rules, but a true cleansing of the believer by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Holiness is evident by Christian character and conduct.  The fruit of holiness should be easily seen.
  • Fervent prayer: We believe in praying aloud, in particularly during our pre-service prayer time.  This principle of prayer is the motor and the power of our church life.  Individual praying, as well as fasting and prayer for the whole church, is a continually emphasised in our church.
  • Excellence: We believe God deserves the best we have to offer.  We seek to maintain excellence in everything connected to the work of God.
  • Relationships: Our goal is to love one another.  We make this practical by gathering in small gatherings, called ‘LIFE Groups’.   Every believer is therefore able to develop deeper relationships with other believers, resulting in mutual encouragement and account­ability.
  • Integrity: We believe that a good character for every believer is absolutely essen­tial.  We consider integrity to be of the highest importance.  Uprightness, trustworthiness and transparency are our best foundation stones.
  • Kingdom of God influence in our culture: We believe that we are to be salt and light to our world.  We believe our society, political and educational systems should be influenced by God’s Spirit and Word.
  • The family: We are committed to preserving the family unit.  We express this commitment by our strong empha­sis on family in preaching, teaching, and counselling.

Our Vision of the Church We Will Build

  • A powerful church (Acts 1:8)
  • A praying church (Acts 1:14)
  • A unified church (Acts 1:14; 2:1)
  • A Spirit-filled church (Acts 2:1; 4:38)
  • A Word-focused church (Acts 2:42)
  • A reverent church (Acts 2:43)
  • A sharing church (Acts 2:44-45)
  • A gathering-together church (Acts 2:46)
  • A supernatural church (Acts 2:44-45)
  • A fellowshipping church (Acts 2:46)
  • A happy church (Acts 2:46)
  • A worshipping church (Acts 2:46; 15:15-17)
  • A likable church (Acts 2:47-48)
  • A witnessing church (Acts 1:8)
  • A growing/expanding church (Acts 2:42-48)
  • A missionary-sending church (Acts 13:1-6)
  • A leadership-training church (Acts 4,11,13,15)
  • A society-influencing church (Acts 17:6)