Welcome to Manchester

The city of Manchester is one of the largest student cities in Europe. Several students from around the world flock to Manchester each year. Many of them fall in love with the city and its thriving culture. There is no doubt that the time you spend in Manchester can be some of the best years or your life. This welcome guide aims to help to get a feel for the city and all some of the things it has to offer.



Manchester has an extensive bus network operated by various commercial operators such as the Stagecoach and First Bus companies. There is also a good tram system also known as the Metrolink. Visit the GMPTE travel shop in Piccadilly Gardens for advice regarding what means of transport will be appropriate for your needs. Below Stagecoach Buses- Weekly/Monthly Bus passes…


Where to shop for international foods

There are several shops in Manchester where you purchase food items from around the world. Below are some popular choices, with info about transportation links to these shops: Asda, Hulme (Stagecoach Buses 15/86/85 ) Asda, Longsight (Stagecoach Buses 192/197) Tesco, Manchester city centre African shops on the Hulme High Street (Stagecoach Buses 15/86/85/250) Longsight Market- Asian/African…


Eating out

Manchester has a great reputation for food and drink. If you enjoy eating out, restaurants in Manchester serve cuisines from around the world. Chinatown in the city centre boasts some delicious oriental dishes. Into your Asian cuisine? The famous curry mile in Rusholme should have something to suit your appetite. Also visit the city centre for other international…


Places to shop

Manchester offers a great range of shopping centres and department stores to cater for all styles. Below is a list of some of the most popular places to shop. Manchester Arndale Manchester Arndale is a large shopping centre in the middle of the city centre, boasting a wide variety of shops. Visit https://www.manchesterarndale.com/for more details   The…